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by Paul Dworkin, M.D.

Founder, Help Me Grow; Executive Vice-President, Community Child Health Director, Office for Community Child Health, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Apr 28, 2014

Moving toward Cultural Competence

During a 2013 Help Me Grow National site visit to Minnesota, one of our newest affiliate states, I gave a presentation to a large audience in St. Paul. Following my talk, I invited questions and comments from the audience.  

Saciido Shaie, who identified herself as an immigrant from Somalia, spoke about her difficulties in finding culturally appropriate or acceptable community-based programs and services. Saciido shared the poignant example of how she, as a Muslim woman, can't use public gyms, pools, or programs; nor can she use private   Read More >>

June 11, 2014

Congratulations to
Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow Florida receives $2 million for statewide expansion

 In the just-completed 2014-2015 session, the Florida Legislature passed and Governor Rick Scott signed into action a $2 million allocation through the Office of Early Learning to support statewide expansion of Help Me Grow Florida.

During this initial year, HMG Florida will issue an RFP for up to five additional 2-1-1 regions and their service partners to receive funding and technical assistance.

Funds are non-recurring and must be spent this fiscal year. However, if HMG Florida successfully implements its plan over the next 6-8 months, legislators may allocate recurring funding through the next legislative session to sustain and grow the program to all 16 of the 2-1-1 regions covering Florida’s 67 counties.

An inaugural statewide HMG office has been established in the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council in Tallahassee. A statewide program coordinator will be recruited by the HMG Florida steering committee whose members championed the campaign to achieve this inter-departmental, interdisciplinary and inter-county milestone of hope and support for all of Florida’s children and families.

Congratulations, HMG Florida. We are thrilled by your success!

 July 16, 2014

Help Me Grow Delaware Launches

Website encourages parents to spend quality time with their children

HMG Delaware has launched a new website,, providing fun activities that support a child's mental and physical development. QT 30 stands for parents spending 30 minutes of quality time every day with the children in their lives.

"We want parents, caregivers, and health providers to take away the message that spending a few minutes with a child has positive outcomes for that child, "says HMG Delaware program manager Pauline Gyan. features an guide for parents, including hundreds of 30-minute quality time activities for kids from birth to 8 years old. Many activities can be done at home."Parents don't need to worry that they need to have a lot of time and resources in order to engage children," says Gyan.

Following the launch and the dissemination of activity booklets, HMG Delaware will begin media promotion for the site.

Congratulations, Help Me Grow Delaware! Your state's kids are lucky to have you!


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