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by Paul Dworkin, M.D.

Founder, Help Me Grow; Executive Vice-President, Community Child Health Director, Office for Community Child Health, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Dec 08, 2014

Myths and Measures: The Importance of Getting It Right

The danger of asking the wrong questions and adopting the wrong outcome measures is an important consideration in our efforts to evaluate the efficacy of Help Me Grow. Our crucial task is to assure that we ask the right questions and adopt the right outcome measures for Help Me Grow as it promotes children’s healthy development.
How Superintendents Can Help 
A recent National Public Radio report  

November 1, 2014

HMG Solano & Collective Impact

We were so tickled to find these great photos on Facebook from Help Me Grow Solano (California)'s recent collective impact/Help Me Grow planning summit. Pictured are Megan Richards and Ciara Gonsalves, First 5 Solano, Debbi Davis, HMG Solano/ CNP, and HTA & Associates. Congrats, HMG Solano, on a successful summit!


November 1, 2014

HMG Utah Halloween Event: Video

Costumes, learning, resource referrals, and candy!

This jaunty two-minute video captures the fun and purpose of the annual family Halloween event sponsored by Help Me Grow Utah, United Way of Lane County, and KBYU 11 and RBM Building Services. It also features HMG Utah parent and family champion Janae Moss and director Barbara Leavitt in costume! Leavitt estimates that more than 1,400 people participated. Watch the video


December 8, 2014

Help Me Grow Alameda Connection Cafe

Check out this great picture from HMG Alameda's most recent Connection Cafe on challenging behaviors in children. 

Congratulations HMG Alameda on another wonderful event!


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