Be Strong Families

Be Strong Families

Be Strong Families believes in changing the world by creating transformative conversations that nurture the spirit of family, promote well-being and prevent violence.

Since 2012, Be Strong Families has partnered with organizations, systems and communities to help families grow stronger from the inside out. We offer technical assistance and trainings to help create peer-to-peer discussions that promote vitality, provide emotional healing and foster peace. These transformative conversations not only prevent violence and fight oppression, they give hope, create amazing leaders and help overlooked communities thrive.

Be Strong Families’ values define our culture as an organization and establish the type of relationships we like to have with our partners:

No matter how you define it, BSF is here to support it.

BSF brings their whole fabulous selves to every meeting, activity or project.

BSF promotes freedom, especially when there is oppression.

BSF promotes with enthusiasm the well-being of mind, body, spirit, and soul – for everyone.

BSF includes, listens, and moves forward with solutions that benefit everyone involved.

BSF is strategic and intentional in order to create amazing quality work.

BSF doesn’t do anything without it.

BSF pays attention to the power of the energy in all of us. That which is intrinsically good and connects us to each other. 

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Be Strong Family’s Partnership with the Help Me Grow National Center:
Advancing Goal Concordant Care Through Help Me Grow Implementation