System Enhancements

The HMG National Center sees value in realizing the potential of the National Network as a vehicle through which to diffuse related innovations in the early childhood sector, particularly those that have the capacity to enhance a HMG system and further the capacity of a community to advance developmental promotion, early detection, referral and linkage to services.

By delivering technical assistance to communities implementing the HMG system, we have the capacity to strengthen early childhood systems and lay the groundwork for future system enhancements. Following the successful implementation of one or more components of HMG, a community is primed to consider the implementation of innovations that enhance their existing efforts. Such innovations can span the early childhood sector, offer a novel approach to yielding the best outcomes for children and families, and drive sustainability of efforts over time.

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The HMG National Center developed and utilizes a framework for assessing the fit and feasibility of a given innovation to help determine when, whether, and how to diffuse such an innovation across the National Network. A structured process to the diffusion ensures optimal support to HMG affiliates. To date, the National Center has led the diffusion of a number of key early childhood innovations and considers it a priority to continue to identify and bring to scale related promising approaches.

The National Center is currently engaged in the diffusion of a number of innovations that strengthen the capacity of HMG systems to advance developmental promotion, early detection, referral and linkage. Learn more about these promising innovations

A defined, intentional process to guide identification and dissemination is critical to the successful diffusion of innovations. Learn more about the core principles used by the National Center to successfully diffuse innovations