Technical Assistance

The mission of the Help Me Grow National Center is to enable and support the building of HMG systems across the country so that states can implement effective, universal, early surveillance and screening for all children and link those at risk for developmental and behavioral problems to appropriate programs and services. The National Center envisions a future in which all states have comprehensive HMG systems in place.

The Help Me Grow National Center provides technical support to states and communities to operationalize efforts to plan, build, and enhance a comprehensive and integrated Statewide Help Me Grow system, ensuring the development of robust, effective early childhood systems that promote the healthy development of every child. Technical assistance intends to guide Help Me Grow implementation of the model’s Core Components and Structural Requirements with a goal of achieving fidelity to the Help Me Grow system model and promote advancement through the Help Me Grow Continuum of Affiliation.

We believe that integration of cross-sector services and supports is necessary to ensure families have timely access to appropriate services that meet their needs. Through a collective impact approach that is strengthened by an intrepid national Affiliate Network, the National Center’s technical assistance includes partnered support to states and communities in their efforts to develop consistent communication, promote a shared agenda, inform mutually reinforcing efforts, and advance broad-based support for a strong systemic approach to early childhood service delivery.

An important key to successful system building lies in the strategic and improved use of existing resources, and the process of planning and implementing a Help Me Grow system is an opportunity to build and enhance relationships across organizations, departments, programs, as well as federal and state agencies within the early childhood system. The National Center offers technical assistance to map out the existing landscape of early childhood services, partners, opportunities, initiatives, and funding mechanisms in order to leverage favorable circumstances as well as to anticipate and potentially circumvent challenges to efficacious cross-sector system building. Further, the Help Me Grow National Center assists network affiliates in efforts to measure systemic dynamics such as the overall quality, depth, and satisfaction of existing partnerships local and statewide early childhood systems in order to prepare for system enhancement.

All of the National Center’s technical assistance services are designed to develop and enhance robust, vibrant early childhood systems that address the need for early identification and linkage to developmental and behavioral services and supports for children and their families.