Technical Assistance – Help Me Grow National Center

Why Technical Assistance Matters

Maximizing our communities’ potential starts with early childhood systems – education, healthcare, family services – that promote all children’s healthy development.

The mission of the Help Me Grow National Center is to support development of HMG systems across the country so that states can implement effective, universal, early childhood systems, ensuring developmental promotion for all children, and early detection, referral, and connection to services when needed. The National Center envisions a future in which all states have comprehensive HMG systems in place.

Implementing a new HMG system is important but complex work. HMG technical assistance accelerates a community or state’s momentum to implement HMG with fidelity to the model.

Why the National Center for Technical Assistance?

As the sole source provider of Help Me Grow technical assistance, the HMG National Center benefits from partnering with and understanding the incredible efforts happening in states across the country as they seek to strengthen their early childhood service delivery.

In our role leading the HMG National Affiliate Network, the National Center has an exclusive connection to – and powerful knowledge of – all HMG systems operating across the nation and the vibrant network of change-makers who lead them.

Established in 2010 by the founder of the HMG model, Dr. Paul Dworkin, the National Center has been a guiding partner in every replication of HMG across the country.

What HMG Technical Assistance Looks Like

We know that children have better outcomes when services from different sectors work together to support them.

National Center technical assistance brings exclusive expertise on HMG to states and communities looking to develop more efficient and effective early childhood systems, so that all children can grow and thrive to their full potential.

The National Center’s technical assistance includes partnered support to states and communities in their efforts to develop consistent communication, promote a shared agenda, inform mutually reinforcing efforts, and advance broad-based support for a strong systemic approach to early childhood service delivery. The HMG National Center offers a suite of projects and tools, as well as an expanding bench of experts to help you explore, plan, and install a HMG system that will work specifically in your community or state.

The National Center Approach

•  Every community is unique, and that means every HMG system is distinctive. We tailor technical assistance to the particular needs, priorities, and starting points of each community and state.

•  System change is important but challenging work. Our technical assistance utilizes theories of change and implementation science.

•  We use network science principles to make sure you’re investing your time strategically, building key relationships that will maximize impact.

•  Overseeing 100 HMG systems operating across the country, we’re able to facilitate targeted, applicable, valuable peer-to-peer connections to support you in accelerating your HMG system building work.

Tools and Services

We work together with states and communities to help identify the HMG technical assistance that will catalyze the change you seek.

Highlighted Offerings:

Individual Consultation – Work directly with National Center staff and HMG Implementation Experts on an ongoing basis for individualized support and guidance as you explore and install the Help Me Grow model. Recognizing the breadth of expertise represented among our existing HMG partners, Implementation Experts often join the National Center to ensure technical assistance is right-sized to new affiliate priority areas.

Readiness Assessment – National Center staff supports your HMG work groups to identify the pieces already in place that will serve as jumping off points for your HMG build-out.

Roadmap to Replication – This toolkit walks a new affiliate through each necessary step to installing a HMG system with fidelity to the model.

Early Childhood Network Mapping – Using network science, this project allows HMG affiliates to map their existing early childhood systems, including the extent to which partners work together, where untapped resources may exist, and what success means to members of the network. From there, the project supports affiliates in determining quality improvement steps to improve network dynamics.

Building Expertise in HMG Model Implementation Learning Community – The HMG Model is a flexible framework that is adaptable to all communities. So what does it look like in practice? This learning community highlights HMG systems around the country and the ways in which they implement critical pieces of the Model. Members of the learning community have the opportunity to prioritize which elements of HMG they want to explore, and the HMG National Center develops tailored content to help communities identify methods and strategies to implement the Model that will work best in their own local context.

What People Are Saying About HMG Technical Assistance

Help Me Grow Long Island owes its successful move from exploration to installation of the HMG model to the technical assistance we received from Help Me Grow National. Having experts in implementing the model in different environments allowed us to troubleshoot and help guide our Leadership Team through a challenging process. In particular, the tools that National provided: The Roadmap to Replication, Readiness Assessments, and Early Childhood Network Mapping Tools, allowed us to obtain and analyze information from an objective perspective, which was instrumental in group decision making and consensus building.
     – Melissa Passarelli, Help Me Grow Long Island

Working with Help Me Grow National Center was one of the best investments we made during our planning phase of becoming a Help Me Grow affiliate. Specifically, receiving technical assistance around implementing the HMG Readiness Assessment provided our partners with a deeper understanding of the HMG core components and the steps that we needed to take to implement HMG. Having Help Me Grow National Center customize the technical assistance to address our local questions and priorities helped to bring our partner stakeholders more fully into the planning of Help Me Grow. I highly recommend securing Technical Assistance support from the Help Me Grow National Center. Your community will benefit from the decades of wisdom that the HMG National Center has developed in supporting communities throughout the country.
     – Laurie Black, Help Me Grow Onondaga County

Help Me Grow National is committed to listening and providing support to meet the unique needs of our state, as well as facilitating connections and relationships with affiliates across the country. The National Center helped Kansas think through how to install Help Me Grow as we work to pilot Help Me Grow Kansas in three communities.
     – Danielle Brower, Help Me Grow Kansas

The HMG National Center was essential as Indiana worked to inform specific action steps to strengthen our network using the Early Childhood Network Mapping Report. HMG staff provided us with additional data and consultation to help us contextualize the findings and identify the areas in which Indiana could grow.
     – Shannon Garrity, Help Me Grow Indiana