Annual Forum

The Annual HMG National Forum, hosted by the National Center, is an opportunity for affiliates and partners to network and create new partnerships.

Each year, the event provides increasing national visibility of the Network’s collective efforts and accomplishments and solicits promising ideas and innovations from across the Network. Distinguished speakers facilitate and contribute to general sessions, panel discussions, and keynote addresses, offering insight into the direction and aspirations within the field of early childhood health and system building.

This year, the HMG National Forum took place in Saint Paul, Minnesota on April 24-26, 2017. We were pleased to hear from our keynote speaker David Peter Stroh, founding Partner of Bridgeway Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to helping people reframe and resolve intractable problems. The agenda this year included two panel sessions focused on system building, with affiliate and national leader panelists, as well as exciting site visits hosted by the HMG-Minnesota affiliate. Over 275 affiliates and partners from 31 states attended this year’s Forum.

Forum Materials are available to view and download!