The HMG System Model

We believe that all children should be able to grow, develop, and thrive to reach their full potential.

Help Me Grow is a model that works to promote collaboration across child-serving sectors in order to build a more efficient and effective system that promotes the optimal healthy development of young children. When all of the organizations working on behalf of young children work together, we can:

  • better prevent or reduce the impact that stress or adversity may have on children and families and
  • increase protective factors that can maximize the well being of children and families 

Think of it like a power grid: when the grid functions well, families can plug in wherever they are and access the resources they need.

Help Me Grow is not a stand-alone program, but rather a system model that utilizes and builds on existing resources in order to develop and enhance a comprehensive approach to early childhood system-building in any given community. Successful implementation of the Help Me Grow model requires communities to identify existing resources, think creatively about how to make the most of existing opportunities, and build a coalition to work collaboratively toward a shared agenda. 

Four cooperative and interdependent Core Components characterize the Help Me Grow system model: 


A Centralized Access Point assists families and professionals in connecting children to appropriate community-based programs and services.


Family & Community Outreach builds adult caregivers’ understanding of healthy child development – how it works and what they can do to improve children’s outcomes – and their awareness of the supportive services available to families and service providers in the community. 


When potential problems are spotted early on, they can be easier to address. Child Health Care Provider Outreach loops medical providers into the system and supports early detection and intervention efforts. 


To make sure the system is constantly becoming better, Data Collection & Analysis supports evaluation, helps identify systemic gaps, bolsters advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement


It is the cooperation of these four Core Components that characterizes the Help Me Grow system model.


Download the Help Me Grow National one pager.


The Help Me Grow system model depends on three Structural Requirements to provide the foundation for building and managing all the components of a HMG system effectively over time.