Maintaining connection is our greatest
source of strength in these times.

As the implications of COVID-19 continue to evolve, the Help Me Grow National Center is reinforcing our dedication to the National Affiliate Network. We are seeking to identify new ways of providing families what they need amid an evolving and amplified set of challenges. To do so, the below COVID Resource Hub is comprised of emerging and promising practices by affiliates across the country, resources by the Help Me Grow National Center, as well as best practices and guidance from national partners.

Our collective work to build a more comprehensive, integrated early childhood system is more essential now than ever.

We have witnessed the importance of ensuring all families have equitable access to the supports and services that foster their children’s healthy development. Yet, as our country faces this pandemic, we have also witnessed the reality that many families are being left without a safety net. We feel profoundly grateful to be your partner as you persist in helping families connect to critical resources, support their children’s development, especially now. Together, we will do what it takes to care for each other, for our communities, and for young children and their families.

This resource hub will be updated frequently. For questions, additional information, or to submit resources, please contact Sarah Zucker.