Framework for Diffusion of Innovation

We recognize the potential of the National Network as a vehicle through which to diffusion promising innovations that have the capacity to strengthen early childhood systems. Critical to the successful diffusion of promising innovations is a defined, intentional process to identifying and disseminating those innovations that offer significant opportunity to benefit children and families within HMG systems.

Our efforts to diffusion innovations are guided by the following core principles:

  1. New concepts, frameworks, or models intended to be brought to scale across the National Network must first be evaluated for “diffusability”.
  2. Innovations must be defined by the core components, structural requirements, and key activities that comprise the specific model or approach, as well as how the innovation supports, aligns with, or enhances one or more core components of the HMG model.
  3. The role of the HMG affiliate in the diffusion of a particular innovation must be clearly defined in advance of diffusing the innovation across the network.
  4. Understanding the scope of the innovation and the intended diffusion will trigger the most appropriate constellation of needed technical assistance, oversight, and accountability.
  5. Help Me Grow implementation should remain the primary focus, with innovations brought to bear only where they enhance, rather than deter, local HMG efforts.

The National Center has developed a Diffusion Readiness Rubric that assesses factors such as alignment to mission, degree of complexity of the innovation, and capacity of an innovator to support the diffusion. This rubric enables articulation of the resources needed to support the diffusion as well as the desired outcomes associated with implementation.