HMG National Center

The Help Me Grow National Center is a program of the Office for Community Child Health at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The Help Me Grow National Center serves as a national resource to support the implementation of Help Me Grow systems throughout the country.


The National Center doesn’t operate a Help Me Grow system. Its value is predicated on its ability to: ensure lessons learned by one affiliate are shared with all, to develop and refine tools and processes that can support both new and existing communities in successful Help Me Grow implementation, to bring novel and relevant innovations to bear across the Help Me Grow network, to ensure visibility of Help Me Grow as a critical resource to solving contemporary challenges in early detection, referral, and linkage, and the list goes on.  Much of what I learned serving in proximity to the Office I’ve used to inform the strategic priorities of the National Center, and is yet another example, more abstract than a data system, of the synergy inherent to the Office.

In our efforts to advance a national network of communities focused on ensuring early detection, referral, and linkage, the HMG National Center is focused on:

  • System development activities that engage new communities with the Help Me Grow model; grow the network in terms of range, diversity, and volume of professionals from which to learn and apply best practices; and expand our portfolio of technical assistance strategies to enable the diffusion of messaging, news, resources, and expertise.
  • System enhancement activities that maintain Help Me Grow’s ability to remain relevant in a dynamic and changing environment. In our view, sustainability of Help Me Grow requires that the National Center remains aware of, shares, and, in some instances, directly leads the evolution of Help Me Grow model components, and that the National Center leverages the network as a vehicle to diffuse innovative concepts in early childhood.
  • System assessment activities that ensure that the National Center preserves the ability to capture the scope of Help Me Grow implementations across the country and both contribute to and share affiliate evaluations of the inputs and outputs of a Help Me Grow system. 

The National Center offers technical assistance to new states and communities in order to advance existing early childhood systems through the implementation of the Help Me Grow system model

Connect with the Help Me Grow National Center to learn about the role and responsibilities associated with affiliation and how your organization can become the backbone entity for a Help Me Grow system in your community and state.