Our Impact

Measuring the effectiveness of Help Me Grow is essential to building strong early childhood systems.

Help Me Grow is not a stand-alone program, but rather a system model that utilizes and builds on existing resources in order to develop and enhance a comprehensive approach to early childhood system-building in any given community so that all young children can thrive. Successful implementation of the Help Me Grow model requires communities to identify existing resources, think creatively about how to make the most of existing opportunities, and build a coalition to work collaboratively toward a shared agenda.

Across the affiliate network, HMG affiliates implement the system model in a way that allows them to tailor the model to best fit their local context. Because of this, our national evaluation approach must be flexible and ongoing, focusing on shared learning and continuous system improvement.

Demonstrating the impact of the Help Me Grow system model across the affiliate network is a process that relies on:

  • HMG affiliates that conduct local evaluations of the efficacy of HMG on community, child and family level outcomes; and
  • HMG National, which uses findings from both local evaluations and assessment of key lessons learned from across the network to inform a national narrative