Measuring Impact

HMG is not a program, but instead is a system approach to designing a comprehensive, integrated process for ensuring developmental promotion, early identification, referral and linkage. The system model of HMG reflects a set of best practices for designing and implementing a system that can optimally meet the needs of young children and families.

Across the affiliate network, HMG affiliates implement the system model in a variety of ways that allow them to optimally tailor the model to best suit their local context. As such, our evaluation approach must be flexible and continuous, focusing on shared learning and continuous system improvement.

Thus, demonstrating the impact of the Help Me Grow system is a complex process that relies on successful collaboration between:

  • HMG affiliates that conduct locally led evaluations of the efficacy of HMG on community, child and family level outcomes; and
  • HMG National, which leverages findings from both local evaluations and assessment of key lessons learned from across the network to inform a national narrative

Unique Theories of Change guide our approaches for both local and national measurement.

HMG Theory of Change - Local Implementation


HMG Theory of Change - National Network

The ongoing evolution of our measurement framework is informed by the HMG National Evaluation Advisory Group, comprised of individuals with expertise in evaluation within the early childhood sector as well as with implementation of Help Me Grow.