Our Approach

The greatest catalyst to promote children’s optimal healthy development is ALL OF us.

To achieve our vision that all children should be able to grow, develop, and thrive to reach their full potential, two unique theories of change guide our work: 



Effective advocacy takes both vision and action. 

Together, the HMG National Center and National Affiliate Network identify solutions, raise awareness, foster partnerships, elevate the conversation to a national level, and advance a movement dedicated to optimizing the health and development of all children.

The HMG Affiliate Network represents an ever-growing, powerful coalition of states, communities, and individuals invested in ambitious and resourceful early childhood systems that optimally serve all families and children.

The HMG National Center works to promote the relationships, dialogue, innovation, and communication necessary to build broad-based support for the kinds of systems that support strong, connected communities and healthy families.

Planning together, systems are strengthened. Thinking together, impact is collective. Working together, all children can reach their full potential.

The Help Me Grow Advocacy Framework

Maximizing our communities’ potential starts with early childhood systems – education, healthcare, family services – that promote all children’s optimal healthy development.

By integrating supportive services that help children thrive, Help Me Grow helps to ensure families can access the services they need when they need them.

When the services that touch families’ lives work together to make the most of every resource and opportunity, we get better outcomes.  

The keys to our success are a shared vision and common approach to measuring results.

HMG is strategically positioned to both define and support a shared agenda that aims to promote the optimal healthy development of all young children.

To implement HMG, key early childhood leaders and players must be integrally involved. This inclusive stakeholder group is a strategic vehicle for establishing a common agenda, as well as the underlying value structure and conception of the goals and mission.

Framework for Collective Impact

Continuous messaging of a shared agenda across the Network to promote the optimal health and development of all young children as a National Network

Common methods to measure the efficacy and impact of our systems and leverage key lessons

Strategic efforts to apply capacity to generate policy change at the local and national levels