The greatest catalyst for large-scale change is us.

Effective advocacy takes both vision and action. Together, the HMG National Center and National Affiliate Network identify solutions, raise awareness, foster partnerships, elevate the conversation to a national level, and advance a movement dedicated to optimizing the health and development of all children.

The HMG Affiliate Network represents an ever-growing, powerful coalition of states, communities, and individuals invested in ambitious and resourceful early childhood systems that optimally serve all families and children.

The HMG National Center works to promote the relationships, dialogue, innovation, and communication necessary to build broad-based support for the kinds of systems that support strong, connected communities and healthy families.

Planning together, systems are strengthened. Thinking together, impact is collective. Working together, all children can reach their full potential.

The Help Me Grow Advocacy Statements

1. Early childhood systems must promote the healthy development of each and every child.

2. Integration of cross-sector services and supports is necessary to ensure families have timely access to appropriate services that meet their needs.

3. To function optimally, early childhood systems must maximize resources, leverage opportunities, and advance a coalition working collaboratively toward a shared agenda.

4. Demonstrating collective impact requires a shared vision and common approach to measurement.