Prepared by: Hopeward Consulting
July 2023

Hopeward Consulting conducted a comprehensive assessment on Help Me Grow (HMG) Network Relations for the HMG National Center to evaluate engagement, communication, and collaboration within the HMG National Affiliate Network. This assessment aimed to identify successes, challenges, opportunities, and affiliate preferences related to network relations specifically focusing on opportunities to enhance meaningful connection, participation, engagement, and communication within the network.

This report outlines the processes, analyses, observations, and key findings from the HMG network relations assessment. The assessment provided valuable insights into the dynamics of the Affiliate Network. The comprehensive data analyses offer a nuanced understanding of the current state of network collaboration, communication, and engagement including barriers and identified opportunities for enhancements. 

What is HMG National Network Relations?

HMG Network Relations are all the ways in which the National Center works with and for affiliates. It’s the relationships between affiliates and National that provide support to state and community work, it’s the connections between and across different affiliates that spark ideas, it’s the preservation of a HMG community where people feel like they belong, and their work is valued and amplified to collectively advance the movement.

We have always known that when affiliates are really engaged, they get the most out of what HMG has to offer – and that’s our greatest goal.

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