Going Virtual with Help Me Grow Outreach
4-Part Webinar Series
From the Help Me Grow National Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced course adjustments to just about everything. Going Virtual with Help Me Grow Outreach is a four-part webinar series highlighting affiliates across the Help Me Grow (HMG) National Network and their new ways of conducting HMG outreach in a world that requires remote and virtual approaches to all that we do. While the pandemic has inspired many new virtualized strategies, some are proving to be viable ways of going about our work even after social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Four Going Virtual Sessions

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Help Me Grow Affiliate COVID Contact Directory 

To support HMG affiliates in potential efforts to connect directly with each other to share ideas, problem solve, and learn collectively about strategies to leverage HMG infrastructure to advance community response to the pandemic, the HMG National Center has developed a HMG COVID Contact Directory.

The Directory provides the name and contact information for individuals serving as a best point of contact for matters related to HMG’s role in local COVID response. The Directory also provides some context around the ways in which each system listed has shifted traditional HMG efforts to meet the new context requiring social distancing. 

If you would like your HMG system to be added to the COVID Contact Directory, please reach out to Sarah Zucker at Szucker@connecticutchildrens.org.

Download the HMG COVID Contact Directory

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