Publication – The New Importance of Children in America: A Wake-up Call for Policymakers
Massive demographic changes create challenges, elevate economic role of next generation
Ensuring children’s health and well-being in the U.S. has never been more critical to the nation’s economic and political future, according to The New Importance of Children in America, a report co-funded by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health and the Children’s Hospital Association.
The Baby Boomer generation is aging and retiring at the same time that birth rates are declining, altering the social and economic landscape. This disproportion due to the relative shortage of children makes each child—regardless of gender, ethnicity, geographic residence or economic background—more important to our future than ever before.

Resource Toolkit – Pay for Success
The U.S. Department of Education has released a new resource, the Pay for Success Toolkit: Considerations for State and Local Leaders. Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative financing strategy that leverages private investments to address societal problems and challenges that typically use only government funds. The new toolkit is an introductory guide for state and local governments and other stakeholders that are interested in exploring the possibility of a PFS project for education initiatives, or in addressing related challenges facing their communities and populations. You can find more information on PFS here.

Resource Toolkit –  Facilitating System Change
New resources brought to you by Bridgeway Partners introduce foundations, grantees, public policy makers, socially responsible businesses, and consultants to systems thinking principles and tools for social change:

  1. Transcript in the Chronicle of Philanthropy of an interview with Denver Frederick, host of the Business of Giving radio show
  2. Systems Thinking for Social Change video of workshop presentation to NonProfit Center of Boston (1:30)
  3. Applying Systems Thinking and Common Archetypes to Organizational Issues is a self-paced, interactive online course
  4. Coachingcustomized action learning program for individuals and teams who want to apply systems thinking to achieve sustainable breakthrough change 


Fact Sheet: Seven Components of a Culturally Responsive Approach to Serving Diverse Populations



The National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families has released a fact sheet outlining a comprehensive approach for practitioners looking to create strong, culturally responsive programs for community-based organizations.



CDC Public Health Grand Rounds – Measuring and Preventing Maternal Mortality
Women in the United States are more likely to die from childbirth or pregnancy-related causes than other women in high-income countries. Learn about the effects that maternal deaths have on the family and on the community, efforts to analyze and prevent future deaths, and how CDC has collaborated and intervened through public-private partnership efforts to prevent deaths associated with childbirth and pregnancy. View the session on the archive page.



Get thinking with Dr. Dworkin in our new feature that helps you stay up to date on the  news and stories that are inspiring him each month. In this month’s post, Parent  Health Beliefs, the Developmental Treatment Cascade, and the Need for Systems Thinking, Dr. Dworkin reviews an article in the journal, Pediatrics, exploring how  health beliefs shape  maternal decisions regarding help-seeking for children with  developmental delay among African American and Hispanic mothers.



Register for November 30 Webinar and Conversation with National Experts
Join us on November 30 at 4pm EST for the upcoming webinar, Improving Early Childhood Screening and Care Through Clinical-Community Partnerships and 2-1-1 Technology, hosted by the HMG National Center. The session will feature representatives from Children’s Hospital of Richmond Virginia, 211 Los Angeles County, and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA to discuss their study testing the effectiveness of a telephone-based approach to early childhood developmental screening and care coordination for patients seen for well-child care.

HMG National Webinar Integrating Pediatrics Into Your Early Childhood System Building

Access slides and recording for the November 14 webinar on Child Health Care Provider Outreach, featuring expertise on the HMG core component by representatives from HMG Long Island and HMG Alabama.
Be on the lookout for a link to register for Part 2 of the Child Health Care Provider Outreach webinar series where we will dive into the key strategies and best practices of HMG outreach to community-based doctors for young children.


HMG Community Conversations on Slack Kickoff
Following the November 14 webinar, the HMG Affiliate Network participated in the first-ever HMG Community Conversation on Slack, joining in on a group discussion of Child Health Care Provider Outreach inspired by the webinar, Integrating Pediatrics Into Your Early Childhood System Building. Didn’t make the conversation? Just log onto the HMG Slack channel and search #pedspartners to catch up on the discussion. And stay tuned for more Community Conversations on Slack coming soon!

HMG 2018 Forum Planning Committee has been selected!
The HMG Forum Planning Committee represents the goals, interests and needs of the Affiliate Network in the design and implementation of key Annual National Forum activities. Congratulations to the following members of the HMG Affiliate Network selected to serve on this year’s committee:
Deepa Srinivasaradan, HMG NJ, ECCS Impact/HMG Parent Leader, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
Ericka Dickerson, HMG NJ, NJ ECCS Impact/HMG State Lead
Lana J. Myers, HMG WV, HMG Care Coordinator
Liliana Gonzalez, HMG CA, HMG Program Coordinator, First 5 Contra Costa
Liz Snow, HMG WA, Community & Systems Manager, WithinReach
Lorraine Cragan-Sullivan, HMG SC, Developmental Screening Program Coordinator
Luz Rivera, HMG CT, State Lead
Lynn Pullano, HMG WNY, State Lead
Marcy Miller, HMG WA, Strategic Advisor for HMG Kings County
Rebecca Goldsmith, HMG IA, State Lead
Shya Tran, HMG MN, State Lead
Stephanie Orrico, HMG WA, Community & Systems Coordinator, WithinReach
Tara Ficek, HMG LA, Director Health Services, First 5 LA

HMG 9th Annual National Forum Call for Proposals
Help Me Grow affiliates are the heart and soul of the National Forum and opportunities for engagement include Breakout Sessions, Innovation Consultation and a Poster & Networking Session. Stay tuned for the 2018 National Forum Call for Proposals to be released shortly and due Friday, December 22nd

HMG Community of Practice Update: Enhancing Pediatric Capacity to Mitigate the Impacts of Toxic Stress
Pediatric practices in Alameda County, California, Vermont, and Connecticut are working on their second of three learning modules focused on mitigating the impacts of toxic stress on young children. Through this work, six practices are currently implementing strategies to promote family mental health through pediatric primary care.


The Network is Growing!
Please join the HMG National Center in welcoming two new affiliates to the HMG National Network, HMG Indiana, HMG Kansas and HMG Oklahoma. Congratulations to those three states and their coordinating teams as they embark on efforts to explore and implement the HMG system model. Reach out to HMG IN, HMG KS, and HMG OK and share your knowledge and expertise in HMG start up!

HMG Long Island Hiring Care Coordinator to Launch in January
Help Me Grow Long Island is set to launch in January 2018! Led by organizing entity Docs for Tots, Help Me Grow Long Island will be a partnership across sectors that serve early childhood in Long Island, New York. HMG LI is currently hiring a Care Coordinator for their Centralized Access Point. HMG-LI will be the second HMG site in New York State, joining Help Me Grow – Western New York.

First 5 Los Angeles Releases Help Me Grow Recommendations Report
With the release of First 5 LA’s recommendation report, Promoting Children’s Optimal Development, Help Me Grow LA has taken a major first step toward building its sustainable system. Over 60 county agencies, organizations and programs across diverse disciplines and sectors, including health and early care and education, have been actively involved in the early design and planning phase of First 5 LA’s HMG, and contributing to the developing recommendations for their unique system. The report’s recommendations, put forth by the planning members, serve as a guide to inform First 5 LA, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), and county partners for the next phase of implementation planning for HMG LA, which will become one of the nation’s largest functioning systems.


Log on to the HMG Slack channel and search #pedspartners for the Affiliate Network conversation following the November 14 webinar on HMG Child Health Care Provider Outreach.
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