Family & Community Outreach

Family and Community Outreach promotes HMG, facilitates provider networking, and bolsters children’s healthy development through families.

Family and Community Outreach is key to promoting the use of HMG and providing networking opportunities among families and community-based service providers. Family and Community Outreach staff work to engage families by participating in community meetings, forums, public events, fairs, and facilitating sessions that help families learn about child development and the role of HMG. These staff also establish and maintain relationships with community-based service providers.

A community presence encourages support for and participation in the HMG system and helps to market the service. It also facilitates efforts to gather and update information to include in a local early childhood resource directory.

Family & Community Outreach Key Activities and Resources

The Basics

  1. Community & Family Outreach Manual Excerpt *Note: The Help Me Grow Manual was developed in 2014; certain pieces may have been updated since development and any indicated policies are not binding. For current benefits and responsibilities of affiliation, see current year Help Me Grow Affiliation Agreement.
  2. Ensuring Family Engagement in the HMG System to Promote Protective Factors
  3. HMG 101: Family & Community Outreach

key activity #1: UTILIZE Community Partners

Partners for HMG Family & Community Outreach have been identified and partnership extends beyond inclusion in the HMG Resource Directory.

  1. HMG Informational Handout for Community Partners
  2. HMG Customizable Brochure
  3. Messaging System Change for Collective Impact
  4. A Parent’s Story Promotional Video
  5. HMG 101: Family & Community Outreach

key activity #2: NETWORKING

Meetings are facilitated to support networking among programs and agencies.

  1. Networking Meetings – Lessons Learned
  2. HMG Orange County Networking Events Evaluation
  3. Care Coordination Collaborative Webinars

key activity #3: community events and trainings 

Outreach is conducted at least twice a year to increase awareness of HMG.

  1. Ensuring Family Engagement with the HMG System
  2. Engaging Families for System Change in Early Childhood
  3. Nothing About Families Without Families: Effective Strategies for Diverse Family Leadership and Engagement

key activity #4: Marketing

Marketing opportunities, including social media, are utilized to promote HMG.

  1. Marketing HMG Manual Excerpt
  2. Marketing Materials: HMG Alameda County Postcard
  3. Marketing Materials: HMG South Carolina Flyer