Cultivating System Leadership Skills and Competencies Learning Community

The HMG National Center, in partnership with the Collective Impact Forum and Connecticut Children’s Childhood Prosperity Lab, is excited to announce a new opportunity for the HMG National Affiliate Network to enhance understanding and application of systems change and systems leadership competencies among HMG leaders via a Learning Community. 

This Learning Community will utilize a new curriculum developed by Collective Impact Forum and the HMG National Center. The curriculum centers six core competencies associated with system thinking and system change leadership skills that HMG leaders can apply in their work and share with their communities to advance a more collaborative, systemic approach to implementing the HMG Model.

Over the course of the Learning Community, project partners will support participants to:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of each of the six core competencies
  • Determine how to apply the six core competencies to an identified existing opportunity area
  • Develop a plan to support application and assess resulting impact 
  • Implement strategies to apply the six core competencies to the identified opportunity area 

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Complete the Application by July 31, 2024