Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection and analysis ensure ongoing capacity for continuous system improvement, a key structural requirement of HMG. Data is collected throughout all components of the HMG system, including child health provider outreach, family and community outreach, and within the centralized access point.

The collection of a set of shared metrics across the HMG National Affiliate Network advances understanding of collective impact, informing the national narrative regarding the impact of HMG on children and families across the country. The collection of locally-sourced metrics enable HMG affiliates to benchmark progress, identify areas of opportunity and systemic gaps, determine potentially advantageous partnerships, and guide strategic quality improvement projects.

Data Collection and Analysis Key Activities and Resources

the Basics

  1. Data Collection & Analysis Manual Excerpt *Note: The Help Me Grow Manual was developed in 2014; certain pieces may have been updated since development and any indicated policies are not binding. For current benefits and responsibilities of affiliation, see current year Help Me Grow Affiliation Agreement.
  2. HMG Reporting Resources

Key Activity #1: Sharing Data witH HELP ME GROW Partners

  1. Help Me Grow Orange County Three-Year Report: 2013 – 2015
  2. Webinar Having a Seat at the Table: ECIDS and HMG
  3. Help Me Grow Florida Impact Reports for Legislators and Partners

Key Activity #2: Continuous HELP ME GROW SYSTEM MODEL Improvement 

  1. Webinar: Continuous Quality Improvement in HMG Systems
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement
  3. Quality Improvement, Protective Factors, and the Centralized Access Point: A Targeted Effort to Enhance Support for Families

Key Activity #3: Supporting Community Change through Data

  1. Effective Systems in Early Identification of Developmental Delays
  2. Promoting Early Identification in Alameda County WIC Offices

  3. HMG Connecticut Program Evaluation 2010-2013


  1. HMG Data Collection and Reporting Guidelines
  2. Webinar: Measuring for Results: Parts I and II