Thanks to a collaborative funding effort among several national foundations, we are privileged to participate in an initiative called Pediatrics Supporting Parents (PsP).

In the words of the funders, “PsP is a group of national early childhood funders focused on cultivating healthy social and emotional development in our country’s youngest, most vulnerable children, valuing the important role parents play in that development, and seizing the opportunity for pediatricians to better support parents in this role”.

The funders have now invited us to participate in the second phase of the PsP initiative by leveraging findings from the initial planning and exploration phase. This phase of our work will
involve the development and marketing of a novel, integrated pediatric technology platform
comprised of various innovative tools and designed for effectiveness at the level of the child, parent, and provider.

Tools will, for example:
– Enable parents to set the agenda for their children’s health visits
– Offer guidance on activities to promote children’s optimal development
– Elicit parents’ opinions and concerns for their children’s development and behavior, and
– Assist in linking families to desired community resources

The platform will also offer integration with child health practices and the capacity to interface with electronic medical records. This work will be guided by a group of key advisors comprised of national experts and key partners with expertise in the policy and practice implications of transforming child health services.