What does it mean to lead Help Me Grow at the state-level?
What is the role about and what does it look like in action?
How can we apply this knowledge to improve and
expand Help Me Grow efforts going forward? 

This report from the HMG National Center aims to illuminate approaches to HMG leadership at the state-level, explore existing functions and strategies, and bring clarity so we may learn from this unsung role.

Through a series of key stakeholder interviews on the current landscape of state-level HMG leadership, the report offers insights directly from HMG state leads, in their own words:

    • Showcasing the ways in which HMG state leadership is currently carried out across the nation
    • Highlighting the existing aims, functions, and challenges of state leadership
    • Offering a framework around five strategic areas for HMG state leadership
    • Exploring state funding strategies, budgets, and directions for ongoing conversations around funding
    • Diving into HMG’s strategic priority of advancing equity and the unique role state leads play

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