The Help Me Grow (HMG) National Center has worked closely with Manatt Health to design a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator and Business Case for the HMG Model and Affiliate Network as a means to assist HMG affiliates with estimating HMG-specific savings and ROI. 

HMG’s systems-level approach to supporting young children and their families is well positioned to generate cross-sector benefits and cost-savings.

The ROI calculator was developed with input from a subset of HMG affiliates and partners. Information gathered from these various stakeholders resulted in the identification of a diverse and multi-pronged set of services that HMG affiliates provide to their families and communities. Leveraging findings from an extensive literature review, as well as cost and impact data collected directly from HMG National Center and affiliates, seven intervention categories where savings could be calculated, were identified.

These include,
    • Diversion from Unnecessary Developmental/Behavioral Assessments and Early Intervention (IDEA Part C) Evaluations
    • Referral to Early Detection and Intervention for Child Developmental Delays
    • Positive Parenting services and supports
    • Home Visiting Program Referrals
    • Referral for SNAP/WIC Benefits
    • Maternal Depression Screening and Treatment
    • Early Preventative Dental Care

The accompanying HMG Business Case further highlights the additional benefits accrued to individuals and the society at large from Help Me Grow.

We are excited about the opportunities these materials will provide HMG affiliates, in the development of sustainable financing strategies.

Learn More & Use the Help Me Grow Return on Investment Calculator

In partnership with Manatt Health, the HMG National Center is introducing two new tools that will enable the HMG National Affiliate Network to illustrate the cost savings and cross-sector benefits of HMG.

View a webinar that provides an overview of:

  1. The HMG Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator designed to assist HMG affiliates with estimating affiliate-specific savings and ROI
  2. A HMG business case template that provides a roadmap for discussing HMG’s savings and other impacts funders and other stakeholders. We will also hear from HMG affiliates in Utah and
  3. Orange County about their experiences testing the new tools and provide time for Q&A
    The experience of HMG Utah and HMG Orange County in piloting the new tools

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