211 and Help Me Grow programs are partnering up to provide I&R and care coordination to families across the country. This partnership provides the opportunity to strengthen your ability to reach at-risk families, expands your resource knowledge, and offers expertise in hard-to-navigate areas like social determinants of health and early intervention services for children. Working together, both programs provide professional development opportunities and support for each program.

This presentation by Vermont 211 and Help Me Grow Vermont at the AIRS Conference dives deeper on the following:

  • How a shared infrastructure and workflow supports communication, technology, accreditation, and after-hours back up for families with urgent needs.
  • How to increase efficiencies when partnering with specialized I&R HMG Care Coordinators and 211 Community Resource Specialists.
  • How to work together to reach rural, hard to reach and at-risk populations through joint outreach and regional partnerships
  • How sharing resources improves social determinants of health screening

Session Recording