In recent years, the Help Me Grow (HMG) National Center has tested and refined a strategy to support the diffusion of innovative strategies and approaches across the network, leveraging the HMG Model infrastructure as a platform and common language upon which to layer relevant innovations. The HMG National Affiliate Network has proven to be an effective vehicle for the spread of innovative strategies in the form of processes, measures, and models that enhance the capacity of early childhood sectors to strengthen families and promote children’s development.

Four partners collaborated with the HMG National Center to disseminate the innovation model: HMG Orange County, HMG Vermont, The BUILD Initiative, and Childhood Prosperity Lab. The HMG National Center then convened a Community of Practice (COP) to diffuse HMG-Early Learning strategies to other communities within the National Affiliate Network in order to expand the degree to which early learning settings have the capacity to address the developmental needs of young children and enhance the quality of young children’s early learning experiences.

The outcomes from this CoP suggest several opportunities to continue to strengthen the early learning sector’s ability to promote child development within early learning settings. This report summarizes the work of the CoP and includes specific recs to integrate developmental screening, referral, and linkage in the early learning setting.

Enhancing Developmental Promotion, Early Detection, Referral, and Linkage to Services within Early Learning