Goal: Identify strategies and make recommendations to enhance the durability and responsiveness of Centralized Access Points across the Help Me Grow National Affiliate Network.

The HMG Centralized Access Point (HMG CAP) work group explored a number of themes related to CAP implementation, such as:

     – The definition of “centralized”
     – Technology
     – Data, evidence, and evaluation
     – Work flow, roles, and responsibilities

The HMG CAP work group developed a set of 11 recommendations for consideration by the National Affiliate Network and the HMG National Center.

Read the full Centralized Access Point Work Group
Final Report 

Affiliates are encouraged to become more familiar with the recommendations developed by the CAP work group:

View webinar presenting the 11 recommendations
Password to view: CAP2021!
Slides: HMG Work Group Recommendations for the Centralized Access Point

Following the webinar presenting Centralized Access Point Work Group recommendations, the HMG National Center hosted targeted group discussions dedicated to the HMG Work Group Recommendations for the Centralized Access Point. During these discussions, participants  connected in targeted groups to share their reactions to and questions on the recommendations. 

View the group recommendation discussion
Password to view: CAP-Feb11

Slides: HMG Centralized Access Point Work Group Small Group Discussions 

HMG affiliates were then invited to submit comments, reactions, and feedback to the resulting recommendations through a structured comment period between February 15 and February 26, 2021.