Advancing Goal Concordant Care Through
Help Me Grow Implementation 

Most U.S. children who enter kindergarten are delayed in their health, social-emotional, and/or cognitive development. These gaps have been present for decades, yet early childhood systems have failed to close them. To foster optimal short- and long-term outcomes for young children, it is necessary to systematically elicit parents’ and caregivers’ goals and priorities, and establish partnership with them in creating pathways toward achievement of health and developmental goals for their children.

What does goal concordant care mean for early
childhood systems?

Goal concordant care is a strengths-based approach to eliciting parents’ goals for their child’s well-being that elevates families’ goals as drivers in the process of developmental promotion, early identification of concern, referral, and linkage.

The Help Me Grow National Center envisions early childhood systems that share power with the families they serve, are driven by co-developed goals, and enhance conditions for promoting equity and inclusiveness.

Project Overview