The Framework for Advancing Goal Concordant Care through Help Me Grow is intended to serve as a resource to support HMG affiliates in efforts to leverage existing HMG infrastructure in order to effectively elicit parents’ goals for their child’s well-being and ensure those goals drive resource allocation, decisions, referrals and priorities for service delivery by all community-based providers working with a given family.

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In 2022, the HMG National Center will pilot a new framework that seeks to advance goal concordant care through implementation of the HMG Model. Under the pilot project, select HMG affiliates will test and refine ways in which HMG can support partnerships with parents to elicit and prioritize their goals for their child and family as well as how HMG can serve to document and monitor progress toward achieving those goals. As part of the pilot project, the affiliates will receive support from national organizations leading the way in centering parents and caregivers as essential partners in early childhood system building efforts.

What does goal concordant care mean for Help Me Grow?

Goal concordant care is a strengths-based approach to eliciting parents’ goals for their child’s well-being that elevates families’ goals as drivers in the process of developmental promotion, early identification of concern, referral, and linkage.

The Help Me Grow National Center envisions early childhood systems that share power with the families they serve, are driven by co-developed goals, and enhance conditions for promoting equity and inclusiveness.

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Advancing Goal Concordant Care through Help Me Grow Implementation webpage.