Leading Help Me Grow at the State-Level: Resources & Tools

The organizations and individuals spearheading Help Me Grow in their states hold broad leadership responsibilities. 

The HMG National Center is pleased to support those in state-level HMG leadership positions with materials and offerings designed to illuminate existing state-lead activities, celebrate their adaptive function, and inform ways to bring camaraderie and clarity to this unsung role.

  1. Leading Help Me Grow at the State-Level: An Exploration of Roles, Responsibilities, Strategies & Approaches, a new report from the HMG National Center illuminating the exiting associated aims, functions, and challenges, and offering a framework around five strategic areas for HMG state leadership. You can download an embargoed version in the Exploration Study & Report drop-down below.
  2. Help Me Grow Building Connections Series: State Lead Network, designed to foster collaboration and co-refinement of the ideas put forth in the report, and to provide opportunities for those in state-level leadership positions to connect, learn from one another, and problem-solve collectively. Part of HMG National Center’s Building Connections initiative, the HMG State Lead Network (SLN) will provide opportunities for those in the state lead role to convene regularly over the coming year, learn together and from one another, jointly problem-solve around common challenges, and build a network of support, knowledge, and experience that aims to strengthen HMG state leadership as a whole.