Help Me Grow Washington recently received word that it will be participating in a new four-year federal grant, “Expectant and Parenting Teens, Women, Fathers and Families.”
The grant will focus on four Washington counties with the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state. It will concentrate on the local Hispanic population, where the majority of teen pregnancies in the state occur.
HMG Washington will serve as an evidence-based program providing culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach, developmental screening services and connections to local resources and state benefit programs targeting teen parents in the region.
This service is essential because children of teen parents are more likely to experience developmental delays and many teen parents are less comfortable accurately gauging their child’s developmental progress. (Read more about challenges associated with pregnant and parenting teens and their children.)
HMG Washington services will increase the number of children with delays that are detected early and will also provide connections to care and to supportive services like Basic Food, low cost health insurance and parent support.
Congratulations to HMG Washington on the grant and on the excellent work you do for children and families in your state We look forward to hearing more!