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HMG Webinar: Using Administrative Data to Demonstrate HMG Impact
Join the Help Me Grow National Center for a webinar examining a claims data analysis conducted by First 5 Alameda County that shows Help Me Grow is making an impact there. A recent analysis compared Medi-Cal claims data for health care services for Help Me Grow clients and non-Help Me Grow clients. “We are confident in the quality of services provided through our local Help Me Grow system, and the analysis provided some promising results with regard to the role Help Me Grow plays in increased early identification and utilization of services,” says Loren Farrar, Program Administrator for HMG Alameda. To learn more about the study and how you can replicate it, tune in on April 3rd. Register Here

Integrated Care for Kids (InCK) Model Survey & Resources
The InCK Marks Resource Network is seeking input from Help Me Grow Affiliates about their perspective on InCK in their state! Share your perspective via this surveyCheck out our partner page featuring InCK Marks, to stay up to date on webinars, information about the model and funding opportunity, and resources related to InCK. 

Gearing Up for the 10th Annual Help Me Grow Forum!
Poster Submission: The National Center is now accepting poster submissions for the 2019 Forum via the following Google Form. Space for posters is limited and will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
Submit your past Forum pictures:Help Me Grow National is currently collecting pictures of the previous nine Forums to display during the 10th Annual Forum. Submit your past pictures to Stephanie Luczak

Click here for more information about our 10th Annual Forum.

HMG Affiliate News and Resources

Help Me Grow Florida holds annual meeting, launches new website
In February, Help Me Grow Florida gathered in Daytona Beach for the Annual State Meeting. Dr. Paul Dworkin provided virtual remarks, including an update on the National Center. He reflected on the recent successes and growth of the network overall, including that of HMG Florida. The newly launched website for HMG Florida serves as one example of recent progress and ensures a more accessible and user-friendly design for families, providers, and key partners.

Help Me Grow Washington prioritizes investing in children’s health, wellness, and development
HMG organizing entity, WithinReach, is currently advocating for healthy and resilient families in their state’s 2019 legislative session. Their top legislative priority for the 2019 session is to increase funding to build out the Help Me Grow system statewide starting in the 2019-2021 biennium. View their legislative agenda here.

First 5 Association of California and Children’s Data Network (CDN) Launch New Tool to Improve Young Children’s Access to Services
submitted by First 5 Association of California
First 5 Association of California and Children’s Data Network (CDN) launched a new tool to help service providers, policymakers, and government agencies more effectively support children and families and direct resources where they are needed most. The California Strong Start Index, funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation, uses information collected at birth to understand the conditions under which California’s babies are born in any given neighborhood, county, or region. The index focuses on resources that promote resilience and shows wide variability in access to these resources among the half a million babies born in California each year. The index is online at

The National Center is celebrating the Help Me Grow Alaska Call Center turning one year old!
The Help Me Grow Alaska Call Center celebrated its one year anniversary January 15, 2019. Help Me Grow Alaska served over 200 callers, administered 90 developmental screenings, attended more than 20 outreach events, and learned many lessons along the way. While their focus has been in the Norton Sound region, Kodiak Island and the Mat-Su Valley, they served families and providers all over the state!

HMG National Executive Director, Kimberly Martini-Carvell, conducts site visit to Indiana
Did you know the official state motto of Indiana is “The Crossroads of America”? It was originally the nickname for the state’s capital city of Indianapolis, which is the hub for several major interstate highways that crisscross the state and connect Indiana to the rest of the country. The state nickname is befitting, as Indiana is leveraging Help Me Grow for its intersectional early childhood system building efforts. In February, Indiana Department of Public Health (DPH) hosted the National Center for a post-launch site visit.

Indiana is implementing Help Me Grow in nine communities. Early on, DPH leaders recognized the opportunity to leverage the Help Me Grow model and applied for MIECHV innovation and ECCS dollars to acquire the needed exploration and installation resources. Hoping for one proposal to be accepted and stunned when both were, the state of Indiana decided to double down on its infrastructure and embrace Help Me Grow to serve as the connector to multiple early childhood crossroads.

Help Me Grow National Supports Los Angeles County
Kimberly Martini-Carvell recently visited Help Me Grow Los Angeles as the affiliate continues to engage in exploration and installation efforts regarding the HMG model. The visit is part of ongoing support the National Center has provided HMG-LA for the past six months. LA County is working to garner stakeholder input, leverage existing resources, and envision what is possible in a city with a population larger than many states. Inspired by HMG National’s “gears” graphic, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, in partnership with First 5 Los Angeles, developed the “Mickey Model”, a visual representation of the four HMG core components and how they interact in the Help Me Grow system. The Los Angeles team uses the Mickey Model to better articulate to partners how the system functions, what each core component contributes, and how each component interacts with the others.

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Community of Practice Corner

The Help Me Grow National Center is excited to announce that fourteen Help Me Grow affiliates have been selected for the Community of Practice with the FrameWorks Institute. This opportunity will be critical to strengthening the local and national messaging strategy of Help Me Grow. 

Congratulations to Alameda County, CA, Contra Costa, CA, Florida, Indiana, Los Angeles, CA, Long Island, NY, Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, Ventura County, CA, Vermont, Western New York, Washington, and Wyoming!

National Center Research Review

The Intersection of Health and Education to Address School Readiness of All Children
by Erin Cornell, Associate Director of Help Me Grow National 
Reflecting on the growing awareness of and emphasis on the concept of school readiness, this review seeks to bridge relevant literature from the fields of education and pediatrics to understand existing challenges to promoting school readiness and explore promising transdisciplinary strategies to positively impact school readiness. Existing strategies in both the education and child health sectors are described, with Help Me Grow referenced as one of models with the potential to improve social emotional development. In reflecting on opportunities for pediatrics, the authors highlight the near universal access of child health providers to young children and their families as providing the impetus for “pediatrics to elevate its role in supporting the early childhood system”. Among the strategies offered to support this elevated role is for practices to adopt a ‘School Readiness Clinic’ designation that signals that the practice has met certain criteria, such as 1) providing specific evidence-based early childhood interventions in the clinic and 2) achieving high rates of school readiness among their patient population. Future efforts to promote shared messaging, integrated funding, and greater data sharing across fields will go far in driving the implementation and scaling of evidence-based solutions with the potential to positively impact school readiness. Peterson JW, Loeb S, Chamberlain LJ. The intersection of health and education to address school readiness of all children. Pediatrics. 2018; 142(5): 1-18.

HMG Blog

Get to Know an Affiliate: Help Me Grow Long Island
We interviewed Melissa Passarelli and Dr. Liz Isakson from Help Me Grow Long Island (HMG-LI). “Getting fully up and running took a lot of work, but now we have a lot of lessons learned that we don’t have a lot of opportunity to share! Also, since Docs for Tots’ work is centered around physician outreach, we’re always happy to share insights on establishing meaningful connections with the medical community.” Read More

Joining Forces: Partnering with the Think Babies™ Campaign
The Help Me Grow National Center recently partnered with ZERO TO THREE’s Think Babies™ Campaign in an effort to promote the needs of infants and toddlers across the country. Elizabeth DiLauro, Senior Director of Advocacy at ZTT, sees “Help Me Grow and Think Babies as very closely aligned in our goals to increase access to comprehensive supports for families and ultimately to ensure that all young children can reach their potential.” Read More