On May 28, 2016—just days after the end of the annual Help Me Grow National Forum—two members of the HMG National Center flew 4000 miles across the Atlantic for the 15th Annual World Congress on Infant Mental Health in Prague, Czech Republic.
The World Congress is an international gathering of professionals in the field of infant mental health. It is organized by the World Association for Infant Mental Health.
Kimberly Martini-Carvell, HMG National Executive Director, and Erin Cornell, Program Manager for Research, Innovation & Evaluation, attended the Congress to present in two poster sessions.
Alongside Susan Vater of The Village for Families & Children, Kimberly and Erin spoke on Help Me Grow as a systems change model that creates a future of better outcomes for all vulnerable young children. They also presented on Mid-Level Developmental Assessment as a means to engage families in shared decision-making.
We at the National Center are very grateful to participate in this international movement for the optimal development of infants within families, and to share the potential of HMG and MLDA with the world.

See full size HMG poster.
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