Senate Deal Includes Historic Investment in Child Care
The Senate bipartisan budget agreement reached by Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) includes a historic $5.8 billion increase for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). CCDBG is the nation’s primary source of funding for child care assistance for low-income families and to improve the quality of child care for all children. Senators Warren (D-MA), Sanders (I-VT), and Murray (D-WA) championed this effort to double funding for CCDBG over two years. This hard-fought victory is an opportunity to improve the health, safety, and quality of child care for our must vulnerable children and to provide a path to economic opportunity for more low-income families. Read the full statement from CLASP.

How Medicaid and Title V Programs Are Advancing Pediatric Medical Homes
A new fact sheet by National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) State outlines how Title V and Medicaid Collaboration to Support Pediatric Medical Home Implementation.

The Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Nationally, by State, and by Race or Ethnicity
A new report by Child Trends finds that 45 percent of children in the United States have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE).

5 Ways Neighborhoods of Concentrated Disadvantage Harm Children
Child Trends has released an article detailing the deleterious implications for children living in neighborhoods where disadvantage is concentrated.

Housing and Health Resources for States
NASHP has launched an institute to help states finance cross-agency housing and health initiatives to improve health of Medicaid beneficiaries.

Family First a Good First Step, but True Prevention is Key
The Commissioner for the Administration for Children, Youth and Families wrote a piece for The Chronicle of Social Change stressing prevention as integral to keep at-risk children from ever entering the foster care system.

Registration Open for 2018 QRIS National Meeting
Register for the 2018 QRIS National Meeting today! This year’s conference will take place from July 16-18 in San Diego, California.


Get on the same page as Dr. Dworkin in our new feature keeping you up to date  on the news and stories that are inspiring him each month. In this month’s post “What Gets Measured Gets Done”, Yet “We Measure What We Treasure”, Dr. Dworkin reflects on a Stanford Social Innovation Review article challenging us to not measure more, but instead focus our collective efforts on finding measures that accurately represent systems.
Dr. Dworkin shares about a recent experience at a convening organized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to identify strategies that build consensus about indicators and measures of child well-being. “It is time to focus just as much effort on understanding how the existing measures we collect can be more effectively used to change complex social systems as we do to identifying new measures.”


HMG 9th Annual National Forum

The 9th Annual Help Me Grow National Forum registration is open through Friday, March 9, and the hotel room block is available through Monday, March 12 for a reduced room rate. Contact Tamisha Phillip for more information.
The submission deadline for the Forum Poster & Networking Session is today, Wednesday, February 28th. Every HMG affiliate is strongly encouraged to register and present a poster during the Forum’s dedicated networking time designed to promote shared learning and networking across the affiliate network and Forum attendees. Posters may highlight HMG implementation strategy, or any relevant success, project, initiative, innovation, or strategic effort in your early childhood system.

Nadine Burke Harris to Keynote 9th Annual Help Me Grow National Forum

Founder of Center for Youth Wellness in Bayview Hunters Point San Francisco and pioneer in the field of medicine, pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a leader in the movement to transform how we respond to early childhood adversity and the resulting toxic stress that dramatically impacts our health and longevity. In addition to her keynote, Dr. Burke Harris will be signing copies of her new book, The Deepest Well, which all participants will receive at the 2018 National Help Me Grow Forum, Wednesday, April 4 – Friday, April 6 in Seattle, Washington. Watch Nadine’s TED Talk, How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime, which has been viewed more than 3 million times.


Forum Highlight: Wednesday Morning Sessions
Join affiliates from around the country for morning sessions on the first day of the 9th Annual HMG National Forum, Wednesday, April 4. Attendees will choose from five exciting sessions:   
Learn from researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) & the Barnard Center for Infant Mental Health and Development, who will co-present on the latest in research on brain science at Latest Greatest Research in Infant Brain Development; join an update on Baby Steps, Parent Engagement, and Connection to Services, highlighting how the digital baby book uses texting, mobile phones, and social media to support parents, normalize developmental surveillance, and create another connection to early intervention services; hear how a strategic partnership between Vroom Initiative and King County Best Start for Kids served to advance relationships between families, organizations, and government systems at Brain Building and Parent Engagement; visit HMG Washington’s Central Access Point to see how Help Me Grow is embedded in WithinReach’s Family Health Hotline; or discuss strategies that have been leveraged to promote statewide expansion at HMG Spread, Scale, and Sustainability, hosted by the National Center.

Help Me Grow Partners with the Build Initiative to Launch Project to Address Developmental Needs of Children in Early Learning Settings
The Help Me Grow National Center and two HMG affiliates are partnering with the BUILD Initiative to support the piloting and diffusion of innovative strategies that integrate HMG and ECE and leverage state quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS). These efforts will enhance training opportunities for providers at home, family, and center-based early learning settings to increase their capacity to screen children for developmental and behavioral concerns, share results with physicians, and refer families to resources that can address their needs. The project builds on the innovative approaches presented by two of the four finalists of the 10K Innovation Challenge at the 2017 HMG National Forum, and expands the portfolio of innovations diffused through the HMG network. This effort is funded through a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Access the press release for more information on the partnership.

Engaging Early Childhood Providers to Improve Developmental Outcomes
A new blog post by Kimberly Martini-Carvell, Executive Director of the HMG National Center, underscores the rationale and critical importance of maximizing partnerships with the early learning sector to advance an integrated process of promotion, early detection, referral and linkage that engages all early childhood providers and promotes a universal approach that maximizes societal value and impact.

Help Me Grow National Center Enters a Public-Private Partnership with the Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! Initiative
In seeking to form a public-private partnership, the authors of the federally-launched Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! developmental promotion and screening initiative have identified Help Me Grow National Center as the ideal partner to ensure the initiative’s tools and resources remain up-to-date and available to those who can benefit from them. The Birth to 5 resources available to families, educators, and providers on the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) website will soon be available in extended form on the Help Me Grow National Center website. The migration and expansion of the initiative is co-funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health.

Webinar: Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! and Help Me Grow: A Public-Private Partnership

Join Camille Smith, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Katie Beckmann, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, formerly Administration for Children and Families (ACF) on March 22 at 1pm EST for an upcoming webinar, Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! and Help Me Grow: A Public-Private Partnership to Advance Developmental Promotion, Surveillance, Screening and Linkage to Services for All Children. The authors of the initiative will share the history, goals and accomplishments of Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive!, and will present the opportunities created by the partnership with Help Me Grow to further the initiative’s goals by strengthening the linkage of children and families to services within an integrated, comprehensive, cross-sector systems approach, and increasing the initiative’s reach to providers and families across the affiliate network. The extended form version of the materials and resources of the initiative will also be reviewed.


National Center Launches Funding & Capacity Building Opportunities Bulletin
Log on to the affiliate side of the HMG National website to access a new bulletin keeping you posted on new opportunities that align with your efforts to build capacity and bolster your early childhood system building and HMG implementation efforts.
The Funding & Capacity Building Opportunities Bulletin will bring you new and relevant offerings around currently available funding, training, and capacity enhancing opportunities from across the landscape of national partners and initiatives. Sign on today to view current postings such as:
A new funding opportunity from The Project HOPE Consortium providing up to eight community teams and seven state teams with grants of up to $80,000 and $200,000, respectively. The grants will support in-depth technical assistance for capacity building with the goal of generating progress toward equitable outcomes for young children and their families. More details on this opportunity.

Forum Encore Presentation: Nothing About Families Without Families

Register today for this encore presentation of the top-rated session at the 2016 HMG National Forum, Nothing About Families Without Families: Effective Strategies for Diverse Family Leadership and Engagement, hosted by the HMG National Center on March 6 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST. Join Family Voices and HMG partners from Vermont and New Jersey for a discussion on family leadership and engagement. Presenters will share successes in and strategies for engaging diverse family members in participation and leadership roles, and examine how this activity supports the engagement of all families.


Making the Case: Building the Help Me Grow Evidence Base
A new blog post by the Help Me Grow National Center addresses a common question: “What is the evidence base for Help Me Grow?” Read about the role of local HMG evaluations and the opportunity to leverage systems research in answering key questions about the impact of HMG on families and communities.

R is for Refugee: A Novel Approach to Mitigating the Impacts of Toxic Stress
A new blog post by Erin Cornell, Program Manager for Research, Innovation & Evaluation at the Help Me Grow National Center, discusses a novel intervention designed to address toxic stress among children living in the Syrian response region and refugees abroad. This innovative proposal by Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee won the 100&Change competition of the MacArthur Foundation, and their five-year, $100 million grant will be the biggest ever awarded by the foundation.


Mid-Level Developmental Assessment (MLDA) Impact Paper Released
A new report published by the Child Health and Development Institute highlights the experience of six HMG affiliate communities in identifying and responding to the needs of children with mild to moderate developmental and behavioral problems. Read the report to learn more about Mid-Level Developmental Assessment as a novel “mid-level” approach to meeting the needs of young children unlikely to qualify for publicly funded early intervention programs. The MLDA model was also recently featured alongside other key early childhood system innovations, including Help Me Grow and the Care Coordination Collaborative as Community Connections case studies by the American Hospital Association.

Building Vermont’s Future from The Child Up Summit Report
In 2016, Building Bright Futures (BBF), Vermont’s early childhood public-private partnership and coordinator of Help Me Grow VT Family and Community Outreach, was tasked by Vermont’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care with engaging diverse stakeholders in a statewide effort to explore and develop recommendations for a comprehensive integrated early care and learning system. On October 3-4, 2017, BBF convened over 200 Vermonters, representing a wide variety of early childhood sectors, in a collaborative design process. Read the report of design ideas emerging from the summit, Building Vermont’s Future from The Child Up Summit Report.
Further research and policy analysis is needed to determine which of these ideas would most effectively maximize resources while ensuring high-quality experiences for all Vermont children and families. BBF will convene a small group of stakeholders with the policy and implementation expertise needed to build on the framework provided by the Summit Report, and develop a refined, comprehensive early care and learning systems blueprint.

Connecticut Discusses Opportunities for Pediatric Payment Models
Lisa Honigfeld, PhD, a leader in HMG Connecticut’s Child Healthcare Provider Outreach, recently authored a two-part blog series discussing the opportunities for innovation within pediatric primary care payment. The first blog advocates for the prioritization of child health services in healthcare reform while the second blog provides real examples the innovations that are advancing the field and enhancing care for children. Together, these blogs make a compelling case for the opportunities for pediatric primary care to address disparities.

Improvement Strategies for the Centralized Access Point
A recent webinar highlighted HMG affiliates from Orange County, CA, San Francisco, South Carolina, and Vermont who participated in a Community of Practice focused on identifying and testing changes within the HMG Call Center that were found to lead to enhanced support for families. Improvement Summaries have been developed by each of these affiliates and made available on the HMG National Center’s website to provide more information on the specific changes that lead to improvement within their call centers.


Affiliates across the HMG National Network met up with Dr. Dworkin on Slack to discuss a recent What Dr. Dworkin is Reading post, Developmental Screening and Referral: a Call for Careful Reflection. In his post, Dr. Dworkin reflects on a recently published narrative review calling for greater clinical decision-making, as well as shared decision-making with parents and families, in developmental screening policies and practices. Affiliates discussed their successes, strategies, resources, and challenges related to developmental screening in the context of an integrated, cross-sector system intended to ensure developmental promotion, early detection, referral, and linkage.
To see the full conversation, Log on to the HMG Slack channel and search the hashtag #DworkinDropIn.



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