Help Me Grow QI/MOC Project Description

What is Maintenance of Certification?


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends developmental surveillance at all of the 14 recommended well-child visits for children birth through age five. The AAP also recommends developmental screening with a standardized tool at the 9, 18 and 30 (or 24) month visits.  The Help Me Grow QI/MOC project is a chart-audit based project developed for primary care practices interested in evaluating their practices of developmental surveillance, screening, and connecting children to evaluation and intervention services using Help Me Grow. Connecticut Children’s Practice Quality Improvement Program’s staff provides ongoing assistance and the technical support as participants engage in the project. The project requirements are outlined below:

  • Register
  • Pay $50 registration fee
  • Complete QI Methodology Training
  • Complete the Help Me Grow project-specific training module: a training on developmental surveillance, screening and linking children to further evaluation/intervention services. Following this training, physicians are expected to:
    1. implement surveillance at well-child exams;
    2. implement formal screening at 9, 12, and 18 month well-child exams;
    3. refer children for whom there are concerns as a result of surveillance/screening to their state Help Me Grow system.
  • Complete data cycles using QInsight, a user-friendly, web-based data entry and reporting system
  • Participate in at least 4 team meetings to discuss project data and plan changes for improvement
  • Complete and submit Attestation Form (if seeking MOC project)


Pediatricians at select Help Me Grow sites throughout the U.S. are eligible to participate.
All healthcare professionals are welcome to participate in the project but may not be eligible for credit through the ABP and Accreditation Council for Continuing Education (ACCME).

This project is practice-based. Any physician in a participating practice may receive credit for participating in this project. Physicians in a participating practice may also choose not to register, and not to receive credit.


6 months: The QInsight orientation, QI Methodology Training, and HMG EPIC module are each estimated to take around 1 hour.

Each month, participating practices review up to 20 charts. Depending on whether the practice has an electronic medical record system, identifying eligible patients and pulling the charts may take approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour total. Reviewing the charts should take between 2-5 minutes per chart. Entering and reviewing the chart audit data into the online database should take about 30 minutes total. So, the approximate monthly time commitment is 2-3 hours.

Data Collection

No patient identification information is included in the data submission. Participating providers enter 20 chart audits each month and participate in quality improvement activities with the goal of improving identification of children at risk for poor developmental outcomes and using Help Me Grow to connect families with evaluation and intervention services. If your practice is unable to meet the 20 chart audit requirement, please discuss with Practice Quality Improvement Program staff immediately.

Data can be entered per practice. For example, pediatricians can enter data themselves, delegate data entry to other practice staff, or split the work with other participating pediatricians. While they do not need to enter data themselves, they do need to participate in the PDSA worksheet, review of progress reports, and improvement activities.

What is a data cycle?

  • Enter data: 20 chart audits for 9-, 12-, or 18-month well-child visits*
  • Complete PDSA worksheet
    • Notes should show evidence that participants have engaged meaningfully with the data.
    • Notes should be well thought out and reflective of the QI process
  • Submit data, review monthly progress report, engage in QI activities
  • Possible team meeting to discuss project data & plan changes for improvement

*The AAP recommends developmental screening at 9-, 18-, and 30 (or 24) month visits. This project focuses on 9-, 12-, or 18-month well-child visits to encourage providers to begin screening early.

Project Director

Lisa Honigfeld, PhD

Project Coordinator

Each participating HMG county/state has a Project Coordinator. Please click here to see the contact information for your state or county.

Help Me Grow QI/MOC Project Description
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The Help Me Grow QI/MOC project is currently being offered in the following states:
California – Alameda County
California – Orange County
California – Ventura County
Great MINDS, Washington State

If your state is not listed above and you would like to offer the HMG QI/MOC project, please contact us.