What is a Help Me Grow Affiliate?

A Help Me Grow Affiliate is a state that has applied to and been selected by the Help Me Grow National Center to implement a statewide HMG system.

In an effort to promote development and expansion of a national network of states that build HMG systems the National Center uses a rigorous application process to identify and select states for affiliation.

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States are selected for affiliation based on their potential to achieve fidelity to the core components and structural requirements within an acceptable timeline. States must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate an ambitious but achievable plan for developing and embedding an HMG system statewide that reflects the needs of families and children, providers, and relevant delivery systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the HMG model by incorporating and integrating the core components into their plan
  • Demonstrate the potential to address the structural requirements, including a plan for scaling up to statewide implementation, if the initial target geographic area is not the entire state
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, recruit, and engage a comprehensive group of stakeholders to partner and participate in the planning and implementation of the HMG system, including, at minimum, State Early Intervention and Special Education Programs (i.e. Parts B and C), the State Health Department (i.e. Title V), and the State Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (i.e. physician champions)

Once selected for affiliation, states receive the following support from the Help Me Grow National Center: Technical assistance from the HMG National Team, invitation to the annual HMG National Forum, use of the HMG name, and access to webinars and learning collaboratives.

HMG National envisions a future when all states have HMG systems.

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