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May 03, 2016

Who Makes the Link — And How? Defining the Critical Role of the HMG Care Coordinator

Guest Post by Erin Cornell, MPH
Program Manager for Research, Innovation & Evalution


Care coordination is a longstanding element of the Help Me Grow model. But are we defining it too narrowly to measure and support it adequately? 

Since it was first established as a pilot program in 1997, Help Me Grow has leveraged care coordination, by way of a central care coordinator role, as a strategy to support family linkage to   Read More >>

See Dr. Dworkin's presentation at the CDC's Public Health Grand Rounds on
Addressing Health Disparities in Early Childhood, given March 15, 2016.


Success Story: Help Me Grow Michigan and the ASQ

Brookes Publishing Co., publisher of the developmental screening tool known as the Ages & Stages Questionnaire, recently released an article examining Help Me Grow Southeast Michigan's extremely successful push to ensure universal screening for all young children in Southeast Michigan through promotion, prevention, and early identification.

"To date," the article states, "this highly successful project has tallied almost 92,697 completed ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE online screenings over the six counties in the region. This makes HMG SE Michigan one of the largest ASQ Online screeners in the nation!" 

HMG SE Michigan ASQ

The article continues, "One of the major objectives of the Help Me Grow system is to promote regular developmental screening with tools like ASQ. Screening is an important step toward connecting young children with the services they need to thrive." Excellent work, HMG SE Michigan!



Help Me Grow Utah Publishes New Brochures

HMG Utah is rolling out a new marketing campaign in January 2016. Below is one of the new brochures for the campaign—on the Books, Balls, Blocks events! All three brochures are in the "Marketing" and "Utah" sections of the Affiliate Section of this website. Kudos, HMG Utah! They're beautiful!




Help Me Grow Western New York in Feature Article

Niagara Frontier Publications recently published a positive and well-reported article on Help Me Grow WNY. "Niagara University's incubation of the Help Me Grow child development program received plaudits," writes NFP, "[for being 'inspiring example of strengthening town-gown ties in support of childhood system building'] after the university and its principal partners presented a progress report during an Oct. 28 meeting of the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York board of trustees." Read more on HMG WNY's launch and development.



California Community Care Coordination Collaborative Featured at AAP National Conference

Rebecca Hernandez of Help Me Grow Orange County and Marc Lerner, MD, along with co-author Holly Henry from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, recently shared their work on improving care coordination for children with special health care needs in Orange County. Their presentation was part of the Community Pediatrics Poster Session of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference in Washington, DC. The AAP National Conference is the most comprehensive pediatric meeting in the world and has over 9,000 attendees. Read more here.



Help Me Grow System Featured in BUILD Initiative eBook

We are honored and thrilled that the Help Me Grow system and several Help Me Grow states are included in "Early Learning-Health Connections," the third chapter of the BUILD Initiative eBook series, Rising to the Challenge: Building Effective Systems for Young Children and Families. The eBook comes out of the federal EARLY LEARNING CHALLENGE funding initiative and highlights successes and challenges in building early childhood systems.

The chapter calls out HMG's effectiveness as part of a successful, population-based early childhood systems. It also explores HMG's usefulness in promoting universal developmental screening, cross-sector engagement, and coordinated support for families.

California, Delaware, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont are among the Help Me Grow states highlighted in the chapter. The Help Me Grow National Center is extremely proud that the system and the National Network are recognized as a vital tool for building systems that support children and families! Learn more.


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